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Mary P. Traverse: Artist, designer, loudmouth, nerd.


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Busy Busy!

Mary P. Traverse

First, I've been doing tiny 3" x 3" paintings, for sale

over here

for $10/each. The first round has already sold out, but not to worry, I have plenty more tiny canvases! Plus I have some bugs already started!

Additionally I have more regular-sized canvases primed and ready to go for more fossil paintings! And after a trip to Alki Beach, I also have some great reference material.

Tonight I've been working on updating my web gallery with my most recent work. Someday I will be able to pay someone to do that for me. *sigh*

I haven't posted in a million years.

Mary P. Traverse

Here's some of the stuff I've been working on lately:

I finished this trilogy and hung them over my couch.

I started a commission:

I'm playing around with the technique I've been using on the crows, trying it out with different silhouettes and colors.

I bought some hard-board, which I've really been enjoying... I've been using a palette knife!