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artist & designer

Mary P. Traverse: Artist, designer, loudmouth, nerd.


These black and white maps appeared in the program guide for GeekGirlCon 2012. As with any informational graphic the maps needed to be easy to understand and highlight the important navigational points. I brought a whimsical flair to design by creating icons that winked at geek culture: the "wheelchair access" icon invokes the image of Professor X while the girl in the "drinking fountain" icon is sporting bat wings. I used fonts from the official GeekGirlCon identity package.

There are five maps total, one for each floor of the convention plus a more detailed map of the exhibitor area. In addition to the print program the maps appear on the convention web site and were later colorized by the GeekGirlCon staff to be posted on digital monitors throughout the convention hall.

The maps and icons were built in Adobe Illustrator